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Extend DX

HCL Digital Experience provides a rich set of capabilities to create and integrate versatile applications for web and multi-channel delivery of experiences. In this section of the documentation the various options to integrate existing applications via e.g. the Web Application Bridge, by developing applications like portlets or script apps and many other ways are outlined.

  • Script Application Development: Develop applications for HCL DX using client-side frameworks such as React, Angular and more. See also the Script Application tutorial for step-by-step instructions about developing Script Applications.

  • Portlet Development: Developing for HCL Digital Experience includes developing portlets, extending the applications that are provided with the portal, and more.

  • Development Tools: HCL Digital Experience includes development assets such as DX client and more.

  • Integrating Applications: Techniques and features to bring in existing applications to your DX site.

  • Digital Data Connector: You can use the Digital Data Connector (DDC) for HCL Portal framework to integrate data from external data sources on your portal pages by using HCL Web Content Manager presentation components.

  • APIs: HCL Digital Experience provides a multitude of APIs for REST based access as well as Java, RMI and others.

  • Screen Flow Manager: The Screen Flow Manager helps operators, developers, and dialog modelers to develop fine-granular, small split portlets. Learn to configure the sequence, transitions, and workflow of a set of screens.

  • Portlet Application Archive: The Portlet Application Archive lets you bundle various artifacts that are part of your deployment into a single archive for deployment including versioning.

Last update: September 16, 2022