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The Script Application

Script Applications enable developers to create applications for HCL Digital Experience with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

The Script Application is designed for front-end developers to make porting applications to HCL DX easy. You can import an application that you developed already. The components are saved in Web Content Manager. You can also edit the HTML, JavaScript, and CSS in the Script Application.

The Script Application makes it easy to develop portlets with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, without Java or the JSR 286 portlet specification.

The following key HCL DX features are available with the Script Application:

  • Content targeting based on devices or locations.
  • Access to user login information.
  • Adaptive design that uses conditional rendering.
  • Access to shared render parameters, portlet preferences, and live text.

The Script Application has the following advantages:

  • Users have more autonomy and less dependence on central IT for portlet development, which decreases the time to market.
  • Users need less skill to be productive HCL DX developers.
  • Users control access and workflow processes in enterprise settings.
  • Users can create reusable assets and contents.
  • Users can render existing portlets, such as those developed with HCL Experience Factory or IBM Rational Application Developer, on a page with portlets by using Script Application.

Video: Start building your first HCL Digital Experience Script Application in minutes

HCLSoftware U learning materials

For an introduction and a demo on how to use Script Application, go to Script Application. To try it out yourself, refer to Script Application Lab and corresponding Script Application Lab Resources.

Last update: May 3, 2023