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HCL Digital Experience overview

What does HCL DX do?

HCL DX is the fastest way for practitioners, developers, and IT to deliver trusted digital experiences at the intersection of content, applications and processes.

It is trusted by governments and companies around the world to deliver mission-critical experiences for their customers, citizens, suppliers and partners. Via HCL DX their teams are empowered to create and manage experiences such as customer self-service sites, citizen portals, city and state websites, contact center applications, B2B network sites, supplier and distributor portals and much more. In combination with HCL Commerce, HCL DX can also be used to provide B2B and B2C commerce experiences.

These solutions integrate web content with applications and business processes, to support diverse user populations. HCL DX provides features to enable the composition of these experiences and to manage who sees what. It is built on a robust architecture that can scale to cope with high demand. Learn more about HCL DX architecture here.

Who is HCL DX for?

HCL DX is aimed at teams of people responsible for delivering digital experiences for their organizations. These teams work together to produce and manage the complex digital experiences of the kinds outlined above. Many HCL DX customers are in regulated industries such as government, banking, financial services, insurance and healthcare.

The product provides features for content managers to create and manage web content, for developers to integrate data and services from corporate applications, for business users to set up personalization rules, create forms, and more. HCL DX also provides features for the whole team to manage approvals, versioning and publication of the digital experience to production.

What are the key features of HCL DX?

To enable the use cases and users mentioned above, HCL DX provides the key features listed below.

  • Application integration and API Access, enabling you to build a digital experience that integrates functionality from multiple back-end systems at once.
  • Content management and asset management enable you to manage the web content and digital assets you need to serve your end users.
  • Site building to enable you to combine applications with content into the customized and personalized experience your organization demands, combined with Role Based Access Control to tailor what your users see.
  • Personalization to enable you to tailor the digital experience to serve diverse user populations from a single platform.
  • Forms building to enable non-technical users to quickly build data capture applications.

You can read more about the platform's architecture and technical capabilities in the Architecture overview section.

HCLSoftware U learning materials

For an introduction to HCL Digital Experience, go to HDX-INTRO HCL Digital Experience Introduction.

Last update: May 3, 2023