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Manage Content and Assets

HCL DX provides web content and digital asset management capabilities that allow you to create, manage and deliver content both headlessly and to websites delivered by HCL DX itself. HCL DX provides features to enable the management of both web content and digital assets such as lifecycle management, organization and editing capabilities, publication, versioning and other management capabilities. HCL DX also provides a built-in personalization engine, as well as the ability to integrate with other personalization engines such as HCL Unica.

What is it For?

Web content and digital assets are critical components of a digital experience. You should use HCL DX to manage web content that you plan to either integrate into websites delivered by DX or access from remote, headless clients such as mobile apps. You should use HCL DX to manage web-ready digital assets, either for direct integration into your applications or for use in web content.

Who Should Use It?

HCL web content management and digital asset management facilities are primarily aimed at non-technical users who are responsible for creation and management of content. This could be people specifically responsible for content editing, or users for whom content creation is a secondary responsibility.

Web developers can also use the features of HCL DX to extend content and asset management capabilities, or to access content and assets via the product APIs. Development of sites on HCL DX is covered in the Building Sites section.

More Information

This section describes several key features in more depth:

Last update: November 30, 2022