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HCL Digital Experience (DX) is the trusted solution for an enterprise's digital experience at the intersection of processes, content, and applications.

HCL DX is architected to build more than just websites. It is built Cloud Native to serve your customers, employees, and partners and to deliver the functionality and stability that they need and expect.

Customize HCL DX to meet the needs of your organization, users, and user groups. Adapt the look and feel of your sites to fit the standards of your organization and customize page content for users and groups in accordance with business rules and user profiles. Users, such as business partners, customers, or employees, can further customize their own views of the sites, as permitted. They can add applications to pages and arrange them as they want. By aggregating portlets in one place and giving users the power to customize their own desktops, HCL DX gives users a means for doing business efficiently and with high satisfaction.

Personalized Digital Experience

For Practitioners

Managing content and maintain web and mobile digital experiences using powerful tools that can blend applications and content together, in a targeted way according to end users.

Tools for practitioners include content management, asset management, site building via Design Studio and Site Manager, personalization management, and more.

For Developers

Customize your digital experience using a wide range of APIs and tools. Use REST and Java APIs to access the many capabilities DX provides. Make use of Script Applications to produce JavaScript-based applications. Java Portlets written to the JSR168 or JSR286 specification can be deployed too.

Deploy and manage applications using the DXClient tool, and manage servers.

For Administrators

Deploy DX using the multiple DX deployments options. Administer your multi-container Kubernetes deployment using Helm or a single-container deployment using Docker. Provide a range of scriptable interfaces to enable automation of your infrastructure. Leverage various tools to develop and deploy applications, and integrate with versatile applications for multi-channel delivery experiences.

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