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Docker image deployment using Docker Compose

This section presents availability of a new option to deploy HCL Digital Experience 9.5 Docker images for non-production using Docker Compose. This approach streamlines deployment and configuration of HCL DX 9.5 components. For more information about Docker Compose, see the Docker Compose documentation.


  1. Download the Docker images for the HCL DX 9.5 Container Update version you wish to deploy. From your HCL Digital Experience entitlements in the HCL Software License Portal, the Docker images are in the HCL_Portal_8.5_9.0_9.5_CFs download package entry. Refer to the Docker image list for the latest HCL DX 9.5 container update releases.

Find the HCL DX 9.5 Docker Compose scripts, installation and configuration instructions for non-production use in the repositories on the HCL Software Github. Use the HCL-DX tag to find the DX Docker Compose entry.

Video: Use Docker Compose to install HCL DX 9.5 with Cloud Components for Developer Use

Last update: September 12, 2022