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Basic monitoring

This topic describes options for monitoring an HCL Digital Experience 9.5 Kubernetes deployments installed using Helm.



Video: Understanding the Liveness and Readiness Probes for HCL DX 9.5 Container Helm Deployments

To use the monitoring commands described below, the Kubernetes Metrics Server must be installed, configured and running. For information on how to do this, please see the Kubernetes documentation.

Monitoring commands

With the Metrics Server installed, standard kubectl top commands can be used to monitor Digital Experience 9.5 components or the nodes on which they are installed.


To get memory and CPU usage details for the pods in your DX deployment:

kubectl top pod -n your-namespace -l release=your-release-name

In the above example `your-namespace` is the namespace in which your HCL Digital Experience 9.5 deployment is installed and `your-release-name` is the Helm release name you used when installing.

To get memory and CPU usage details for the current Kubernetes node:

kubectl top node

Last update: September 12, 2022