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Kubernetes runtime

View the latest Kubernetes versions and platforms tested and supported for specific HCL Digital Experience (DX) 9.5 Kubernetes deployments.

Operator-based deployments are discontinued

Beginning with HCL DX 9.5 CF200, HCL has discontinued Operator-based deployments and will provide support only for Helm-based deployments. There will be no further updates or code fixes provided for the Operator-based deployments. HCL requires all customers to migrate to Helm-based deployments for their DX installations. HCL will work with our customers as they transition from Operator-based to Helm-based deployments. For more information on the migration process, see Migrating from Operator-based to Helm-based deployments.

HCL encourages customers to remain up-to-date on the latest HCL DX and Kubernetes releases, and be aware that HCL DX provides all fixes on the latest release. Customers may be asked to upgrade to the latest HCL DX release to assist with problem determination.

Kubernetes platform support policy

HCL DX 9.5 CF200 and later is designed to run on any Certified Kubernetes platform (, provided that the following statements are true:

HCL tests DX against a range of Kubernetes platforms that are regularly reviewed and updated, with the intent of staying as up-to-date as possible. HCL does not test with every single platform vendor with every single Kubernetes version, but aim to cover a representative sample of popular Kubernetes implementations. See Table 1 for the list of Kubernetes platforms that HCL tested with.

Table 1: Tested Kubernetes platforms on full container deployment

This table lists the Kubernetes platforms that HCL tested and supports. This is provided for information only.

Kubernetes platforms on full deployments Hybrid deployments (Kubernetes/on Premise)
- Amazon EKS
- Google GKE
- Microsoft Azure AKS
- Red Hat OpenShift
- Amazon EKS / AWS EC2
- Red Hat OpenShift on AWS / AWS EC2

Kubernetes version support policy

Table 2 lists the Kubernetes versions that HCL tested and suppports in HCL DX CF releases.

  • Platform providers may release previews of upcoming Kubernetes versions, however, HCL does not provide support for those versions.
  • If you encounter any issue on an unsupported or untested Kubernetes version, you may be asked to install a supported level.

Table 2: Tested and supported Kubernetes versions

This table provides information about the Kubernetes versions that are tested and supported in HCL DX CF releases. Review your chosen Kubernetes platform and ensure that it supports the following Kubernetes versions:

CF Level Kubernetes versions
CF205 Kubernetes 1.23
Kubernetes 1.22
Kubernetes 1.21
Kubernetes 1.20
CF204 Kubernetes 1.22
Kubernetes 1.21
Kubernetes 1.20
Kubernetes 1.19
CF203 Kubernetes 1.22 *
Kubernetes 1.21
Kubernetes 1.20
Kubernetes 1.19

* CF203 limited support statement

In CF203, HCL DX supports Kubernetes 1.22 only for HAProxy-based deployments

Last update: September 12, 2022