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NSF Handler

The CORE database handlers can be found in the package com.hcl.domino.keep.dbrequests or in its sub-packages.

Handlers extend the AsyncDominoJNX (or a subclass) that contains the required code.

The only function which we can implement is ProcessMethod

  public void process(final DbRequestParameters<JsonObject> request) throws Exception {
      // Your code goes here


Parameter object that is used to hand over allElements that are needed to execute operations synchronously against a database for a given user.


DbRequestParameters granting access to session and database.

Inside the function processPayload 2 methods will send the results back to the EventBus with the incoming request:

  • With data: request.emit(resultData) - can be called multiple times.
  • On error throw new KeepExceptionWrongDataRequest - can be called only once.

We don’t need to call this.onComplete(), this is handled in the abstract class already.

Cross handler calling

For some of the calls (e.g OData, Inbox, Drafts, All Documents) an existing handler does all the work. Instead of copy and paste we can create an instance of the other handler and pass across the relevant content.

    final Query dpqr = new Query();
    final DbRequestParametersBuilderJson builder = new DbRequestParametersBuilderJson();
    final DbRequestParameters<JsonObject> delegate =
            .incoming(localPayload).session(request.session).validator(json -> true)


emit() is used to return results from the database operationIt can be called zero to N times.