RTist in Code is a tool for creating stateful, event-driven realtime applications in C++. You can

  • create your application using the Art language which provides high-level concepts such as state machines, capsules, protocols, events, ports, etc.
  • use graphical diagrams for viewing and designing state machines, composite structures and class hierarchies
  • detect errors early by means of customizable semantic validation rules that run automatically as you type
  • automatically generate optimized and highly performant C++ code that can be built into an application by any C++ compiler
  • run RTist in Code within Visual Studio Code or Eclipse Theia, either as a desktop or web application

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Develop realtime applications at a higher abstraction level and with more automation than with only C++.

Suitable for embedded, IoT and much more...

Art Language

A new language providing powerful features such as state machines, ports and events on top of modern C++.

Graphical Diagrams

Visualize your application in graphical class, state and structure diagrams that update automatically as you type.

C++ Code Generation

Generate modern, readable and highly efficient C++ code and compile it with your choice of C++ compiler.

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