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Revision History

Date Document Version Description of Releases and Updates
12-21-2020 1.2 Updated for the V9 SP2 Release. This update includes the following new and revised features:Added new method to create Reference Architecture Extensions.Added Support for UI Module and Manager Application Group
08-24-2020 1.1 Updated for the V9 SP1 Release.
04-06-2020 1.0 Updated for the V9 Release. This update includes the following new and revised features: ControllerActions.js files moved to .gitignore folder to avoid conflicts.

Typographical Conventions

The following typographical conventions have been used throughout the document:

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Conventions Explanation
Monospace User input text, system prompts, and responses File Path Commands Program Code File Names.
Italic Emphasis Names of books and documents New Terminology.
Bold Windows Menus Buttons Icons Fields Tabs Folders.
URL Active link to a URL.
Note: Provides helpful hints or additional information.

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