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Kony Quantum is now HCL Volt MX. See Revised Terminology. Current Quantum users, see the important note about API naming.

Rules as a Service

Use Volt MX Foundry Rules Service to write business rules in a simplified text form, create new Rules services, and invoke them from an app.

Foundry Admin Adapter

Learn to use the Foundry Admin Adapter that allows the use of administrative APIs on the Volt MX Foundry runtime server. External systems can invoke the administrative APIs to read or modify settings on the Foundry server.

File Service Adapters

Use the file service adapters on Volt MX Foundry to connect to an AWS S3 bucket and perform supported operations. These adapters can be invoked by clients to securely upload/download content per user/group into a mounted drive on the client’s premises or on the cloud.

Workflow Service

Use the Volt MX Workflow Service to visualize and design a back-end process. The Workflow service provides a simplified low-code approach for server-side business processes to create an application workflow.

Generate Object model from MS Excel

Use the Volt MX Storage object service to create your database schema on the relational database hosted on Volt MX Cloud. You can create a data model for objects in an Object Service by importing the column data in MS Excel.

Identity Services

Use Volt MX Identity Services to define the type of authentications for granting access to your application. Volt MX Foundry supports authentication services for Enterprise Identity and Social Identity.

Object Services

Use Volt MX Object Services to create app models for LOB objects, storage objects, and service-driven Objects.


Use Volt MX Integration Services to define various back-end services for your application. You can define integration services types for Technology Adapters and Business Adapters.


Use Volt MX Orchestration Services to combine multiple back-end services and operations and expose them as a single service. This feature allows you to create two types of orchestration services: Composite and Looping.

Logic Services

Use Volt MX Logic Services to import and integrate Node.js services (APIs) directly into Volt MX Foundry for developing server-side and networking applications.

Data Adapters

Learn how to use custom data adapters, which act as reusable services with a defined set of operations. You can leverage custom data adapters to create Integration and Object Services.