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Kony Quantum is now HCL Volt MX. See Revised Terminology. Current Quantum users, see the important note about API naming.

Employee Directory

Employee Directory is a fully-functional sample application that helps you search, discover, and know more about the employees in your organization.

Lead Management

Using the Lead Management app, you can leverage Google Sheets components to store and analyze data in a format specific to your app on a tablet or a mobile device. You can create a customized application within 15 minutes.

News and Weather

The News and Weather omnichannel app enables a user to browse through news headlines with different categories. Further, the app lets the user glance through local weather conditions.


Events app provides you with an option to browse through and register for upcoming events in your organization. The responsive web version of the app is a Progressive Web App (PWA) and has a 100% PWA score on Google’s Lighthouse tool.

Work Order Management

The work order application highlights developing omnichannel apps that use both the desktop web and mobile channels to create and manage work orders. You can also view the reports of completed work-orders.

Sample Apps

VoltMx provides a wide range of sample apps using which you can discover the unique capabilities of Volt MX Iris and Volt MX Foundry.

How to Build Apps based on Mock JSON Adapter

Understand how the Volt MX Mock Data adapter capability helps you to continue to develop apps when the back-end services of the app are not ready to be leveraged.

How to Configure SAP JCo Adapter

Use SAP JCo adapter to explore the BAPI functions inside Business Object Repositories (BOR) and Remote Function Call (RFC) and add them as Volt MX Foundry operations in the console.

How to Create and Store Sample Data to Storage Object Services

Store and import sample data to Storage Object Services by importing a .zip file.

OAuth Sample App Guide

Understand the intricacies of creating OAuth applications by going through a sample application developed by using Volt MX Foundry services.

Sample App - Pet Store Management

Learn how a Volt MX Iris developer can connect mobile applications to Volt MX Foundry back-end services by executing a Pet Store sample app on an Android emulator.

PhoneGap Sample App

Use the Volt MX Foundry CRM sample app to have a hands-on understanding on how to connect to your Volt MX Foundry instance and authenticate against Salesforce APIs. You can also use this sample app to invoke your configured Volt MX Foundry services.