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Kony Quantum is now HCL Volt MX. See Revised Terminology. Current Quantum users, see the important note about API naming.

Storyboard View

Learn to use the Storyboard view to get the overall picture of an application, organize the flow, and manage the navigation logic.

AI Assisted Development

Learn to use the AI Assisted Development feature to scan the project for unused skins, resources, and widgets before building an application.

Type of Applications

Create, build, and deploy applications by using one of the many approaches: Native, Hybrid, Single Page Application (SPA), and Desktop Web.

Organize Your Application Assets

Organize forms, modules, and other items into groups or copy and move them. Create application groups for related forms and other elements.

Working with a Project

Create a project from sample applications and components, or from scratch. You can also import an existing project into your project or migrate a project that was created in an earlier version of Volt MX Iris.

Collaborate With Others On a Project

Understand various methods on how to collaborate with your stakeholders on a project and how to share designs with your stakeholders in a secure environment.

Export and Import Resources

Export resources used within a project and then import them to other projects, thereby utilizing less time and effort. You can also export and import projects, i18N resources, themes, fonts, and application extensions.

Plan Your App

Understand the three key phases of planning your digital app: Analyzing, Conceptualizing, and Visualizing. In addition, learn about how to plan your app for wearables, such as smartwatches.