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Kony Quantum is now HCL Volt MX. See Revised Terminology. Current Quantum users, see the important note about API naming.

Using Legacy Sync with Foundry

Volt MX Legacy Sync has been deprecated in favor of Offline Objects, but existing Legacy Sync-based apps will continue to work. Learn how to use Volt MX Legacy Sync with Foundry.

Offline Objects FAQ

All new applications must use Offline Objects instead of Volt MX Legacy Sync. You can also migrate Legacy Sync applications to use Offline Objects. This HCL Support knowledge article tells you what you need to know about moving to Offline Objects.

Console User Guide

Learn how to use the Volt MX Legacy Sync Console – a user interface used to monitor and configure Sync Services on the server side.

Framework Getting Started

Familiarize with Volt MX Legacy Sync and provide procedural information to install and configure the framework and use the various Sync features.


Access the underlying SQLite device database, thereby eliminating the developer overhead of writing explicit queries to access data.

Design Guidelines

Understand detailed instructions on how to design Volt MX Legacy Sync and various other guidelines that need to be followed.

Sky Sync ORM API Guide

Find out how to access Sky Engine directly, thereby eliminating the developer overhead of writing complex Foreign Function Interface (FFI) calls.

Sky Sync Admin Interceptors API

Learn about several Sky Sync Admin Interceptors APIs.

Volt MX Sky Sync API

Learn about various Volt MX Sync APIs.

Server Planning Guide

Understand the procedures required for features such as installation options, planning the Volt MX Legacy Sync server capacity, monitoring, and tuning the Volt MX Legacy Sync server performance.