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Kony Quantum is now HCL Volt MX. See Revised Terminology. Current Quantum users, see the important note about API naming.


Record, replay and automate your functional testing during development and as part of your larger DevOps play. Learn about the Volt MX Testing Framework, a Jasmine based testing tool for Iris apps to accelerate your testing and deliver quality code.


Learn about HCL Volt MX products, sub-products and their features. Further, learn how these products interact to provide developers with a comprehensive solution to develop omni-channel digital apps.

Iris Release Notes

Find out about the new features, limitations, and known issues for every major Volt MX Iris release.

Iris Fix Pack Release Notes

Identify the enhancements, bug fixes, and other product updates as part of each Volt MX Iris Fix Pack release.

Supported Platforms & Channels

Understand the details of all supported device types, operating systems, and browser versions supported by each HCL Volt MX product and feature set.

Install Volt MX App

Download and install the Volt MX app on your mobile or tablet device to view the front-end prototype of a Volt MX Iris project.

Preview Native Apps

Learn how to preview a Volt MX Iris native app on Volt MX App.

Preview Web Apps

Use the Live Preview feature to leverage a seamless in-app preview experience for an adaptive web app within Volt MX Iris.

Developing Applications with MVC Architecture

Use the VoltMx Reference Architecture SDK (an integrated set of development tools) to build modularized apps and increase your code re-use. This feature also allows designers, front-end app developers, and back-end service developers to work in parallel on the same app.

Volt MX Iris Installation Guide - Windows

Learn how to install Volt MX Iris Starter as well as other required software on your Windows system, by using an installer program.

Volt MX Iris Installation - Mac

Learn how to install Volt MX Iris Starter as well as other required software on your Mac, by using an installer program.

Roll-back to a Previous Fix Pack

Learn how to roll-back to a specific Fix Pack version of Volt MX Iris.

Volt MX licensing guide

Find out about the licensing process of the HCL Volt MX product suite.