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HCL Domino Docker Container image build scripts
 Shell Apache License 2.0
A collection of sample code for interacting with Domino AppDev Pack components.
developers, domino, sample
 JavaScript Apache License 2.0
Toolkit to enable better integration between HCL Software products HCL Volt MX and HCL Domino. This is LotusScript toolkit for running HCL Domino agents as REST services, with specific helpers for JSON in-out and a specific payload recommended for HCL Volt MX
developers, domino, volt-mx
 Not Identified Apache License 2.0
Integration for HCL Notes with online meeting provider services. Documentation available at
 Java Apache License 2.0
A sample proxy config that can be used with Verse running on Domino.
domino, verse
 Tcl Apache License 2.0
Documentation for HCL Domino REST API (Project KEEP)
documentation, domino, java, rest-api
 Batchfile Apache License 2.0
Official HCL Domino V12 Certificate Manager DNS TXT API repository
acme-v2, dns-01, domino
 Not Identified Apache License 2.0
Configuration files for HCL Domino Backup integration with other backup solutions.
backup, domino
 Shell Apache License 2.0
Tutorials for Domino REST API a.k.a. Domino KEEP
 SCSS Apache License 2.0