Documentation about how to run HCL Domino on the various Linux distributions. This page is community supported and welcomes contributions.

Table of contents
  1. Background
  2. HCL Domino Compatibility
    1. Experimental
    2. Definition
    3. Dependencies
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  6. Wild and crazy


The system requirements for HCL Domino include RHEL/CentOS and SUSE because those are the releases that HCL has tested (aka “certified”) to run on. However, HCL Domino will run on other distributions if a certain minimum criteria is met. This repository is documenting which flavours of Linux customers have reported to be running HCL Domino on and what to be aware of.

HCL Domino Compatibility

This table provides the collective knowledge of which distribution are known to be working with a Domino version. Please note, only distributions declared as “Certified” are tested by HCL.

HCL Domino on Linux Compatibility Matrix
Linux Distribution Domino 14 Domino 12 Domino 11
Redhat Enterprise Linux Certified Certified Certified
SUSE Linux (SLES) No Certified Certified
Amazon Linux Yes Yes Yes
Alma Linux Yes Yes Yes
Astra Linux Unknown Yes Yes
CentOS / CentOS Stream Yes Yes Yes
Debian Kernel 6.x Yes Yes
OpenSUSE No Yes Yes
Oracle Linux Yes Yes Yes
Rocky Linux Yes Yes Yes
Ubuntu 22.04-03 LTS Yes Yes
VMware Photon OS 5.0 Yes Yes Yes


Linux distributions in this chapter are rolling releases, so any compatibility statement can be obsolete by the time you are reading this document. Be careful, use at your own risk!

HCL Domino on Linux Compatibility Matrix
Linux Distribution Domino 14 Domino 12 Domino 11
Arch Linux Yes Yes Yes
Fedora Unknown Unknown Unknown
OpenSUSE Tumbleweed Unknown Unknown Unknown


Compatibility Definition
Color Explanation
Certified HCL has tested and supports this platform
Yes Although not tested by HCL, seems to work just fine
Limited May work with some some limitations. Use at your own risk
No Has been tested and will not work
Unknown Requires testing and may not be fully usuable


Overview of HCL Domino dependencies

Domino Version Kernel Version min.glibc Version min stdc++ Version Remarks
HCL Domino 14.0.x 5.14 2.34-28 11.2.1 see System Requirements
HCL Domino 12.0.2 5.14 , 4.18 , 3.10.0-693 , 5.3.18 ? ? see System Requirements
HCL Domino 11.0.x ? ? ? see System Requirements
HCL Domino 10.0.x ? ? ? see System Requirements
HCL Domino 9.0.1 FP10 ? ? ? see System Requirements
HCL Domino 8.5.x ? ? ?  



Wild and crazy

A collection of non-standard environments that run HCL Domino

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