Introducing HCL Leap

Easily create sophisticated web applications for data collection and process automation without code. HCL Leap offers users a low-code development platform to accelerate the design, build and deployment of applications.

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What can Leap do?

HCL Leap is a web-based design tool for creating forms, surveys, workflow applications and complex web applications.

Reimagined user experience

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Collect Information

There are many ways to collect information. Anonymous Survey is one type of application that collects information from a target audience. It does not require an individual to login to the application and typically does not request personal information.

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Update / Tracking

This type of application is most commonly used as a way to track some type of information. A simple example might be for an organizer to have a single form for tracking potluck attendees and dishes they are bringing. A more complex example would be a system used for tracking customer engagements and activity.

An image of a computer showing Leap

Workflow / Process Automation

Workflow Application that uses Open Roles is a bit more complex in that it exercises dynamic workflow where the next person in the workflow is determined at run-time.

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