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A traffic light controller implemented in Model RealTime. Communicates with a web server for visualizing application behavior in a web application.
 JavaScript MIT License
Sample IoT application implementing a fire detector. Intended to be deployed on a Raspberry Pi which has at least two temperature sensors connected.
model-realtime, raspberry-pi
 JavaScript MIT License
A library for Model RealTime which allows an application to communicate with an HTTP server (both sending and receiving messages)
http-server, library, model-realtime
 Not Identified MIT License
A library for DevOps Model RealTime which allows a realtime application to communicate over TCP with other applications
library, model-realtime, tcp, tcp-server
 Not Identified MIT License
An example showing how to build a distributed real-time application, created with Model RealTime, using the lib-tcp-server library. Two applications send the events ping and pong back and forth between each other.
distributed, model-realtime
 Not Identified MIT License
Sketch drawing game for the Raspberry Pi with camera and push button. Uses image recognition to recognize a sketch drawn by the player.
image-recognition, model-realtime, raspberry-pi, raspberry-pi-camera, tensorflow
 JavaScript MIT License
This Node-RED node allows you to build loops, just like a for loop in any programming language do, iterating over the selected parts in the flow. Playing with the starting point, increment/decrement values and condition to be evaluated in each iteration.
loops, model-realtime, node-red, node-red-contrib
 HTML Apache License 2.0
JavaScript implementation of a test probe for testing real-time applications created with DevOps Model RealTime
model-realtime, test-automation
 JavaScript MIT License
A sample application showing how dependency injection can be used in DevOps Model RealTime.
 JavaScript MIT License
A sample application showing how to use code generated by DevOps Model/Code RealTime in a Qt UI application.
code-realtime, model-realtime
 C++ MIT License
A sample for DevOps Model RealTime showing how a realtime application can implement a gRPC API which allows other applications to communicate with it.
grpc, grpc-client, grpc-server, model-realtime
 C++ Apache License 2.0