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Volt Foundry V9 SP2 HF2

In this release, the following features have been either introduced or enhanced to provide a better Volt MX Foundry experience.

  • Added support for locking Fabric apps in Fabric Console.
    A new feature has been added to lock services in a Fabric app. Locking enables partners to deliver pre-build apps, which can be extended by their customers, while still providing the partners the ability to upgrade the pre-build solutions to latest versions of pre-build apps.
  • Added support for defining multiple mappings for a verb in object services.

Resolved Issues

In this release, the following issues have been fixed.

  • Updating events URL(new URL) and correcting "Join us on Volt MX Community" for cloud on support page.
  • Making Marketplace URL environment-specific in support page.
  • Making the downloads URL environment-specific.
  • Updated support page URLs, logo in Foundry console.
  • Prod workspace developer portal: ClientSDK download links working in On-Prem but not in cloud.
  • Developer portal: Making Iris download link environment-specific.
  • Cloud Build in Iris fails on Demo cloud.
  • Environment details page in Foundry mentions Temenos.
  • Orchestration more info hyperlink is not working in admin console.
  • Values are not populating in Engagement Server Dashboard (Graphs and Charts).
  • Fetch service is failing for a java service when the jar is compiled against Java 10/11.
  • Workflow context doesn't show values without scrolling to not visible regions.
  • FoundryContainer: Docker hub account is not updated for singlecontainer installation script due to issue in Jenkins build.