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Kony Quantum is now HCL Volt MX. See Revised Terminology. Current Quantum users, see the important note about API naming.

Volt Foundry V9 SP2 HF2

In this release, the following features have been either introduced or enhanced to provide a better Volt MX Foundry experience.

  • Added support for locking Fabric apps in Fabric Console.
    A new feature has been added to lock services in a Fabric app. Locking enables partners to deliver pre-build apps, which can be extended by their customers, while still providing the partners the ability to upgrade the pre-build solutions to latest versions of pre-build apps.
  • Added support for defining multiple mappings for a verb in object services.

Resolved Issues

In this release, the following issues have been fixed.

  • Updating events URL(new URL) and correcting “Join us on Volt MX Community” for cloud on support page.
  • Making Marketplace URL environment-specific in support page.
  • Making the downloads URL environment-specific.
  • Updated support page URLs, logo in Foundry console.
  • Prod workspace developer portal: ClientSDK download links working in On-Prem but not in cloud.
  • Developer portal: Making Iris download link environment-specific.
  • Cloud Build in Iris fails on Demo cloud.
  • Environment details page in Foundry mentions Temenos.
  • Orchestration more info hyperlink is not working in admin console.
  • Values are not populating in Engagement Server Dashboard (Graphs and Charts).
  • Fetch service is failing for a java service when the jar is compiled against Java 10/11.
  • Workflow context doesn’t show values without scrolling to not visible regions.
  • FoundryContainer: Docker hub account is not updated for singlecontainer installation script due to issue in Jenkins build.