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constants Namespace

The constants namespace contains constants that are used by the Volt MX Iris API framework, the Volt MX Iris Widgets, and the Volt MX Iris Reference Architecture.

Alphabetical Listing of All Constants

Constant Functional Area
constants.ACTION_ITEM_STYLE_CANCEL Action Item Style Constants
constants.ACTION_ITEM_STYLE_DEFAULT Action Item Style Constants
constants.ACTION_ITEM_STYLE_DESTRUCTIVE Action Item Style Constants
constants.ANCHOR_DIRECTION_BOTTOM Action Sheet Anchor Direction Constants
constants.ANCHOR_DIRECTION_LEFT Action Sheet Anchor Direction Constants
constants.ANCHOR_DIRECTION_RIGHT Action Sheet Anchor Direction Constants
constants.ANCHOR_DIRECTION_TOP Action Sheet Anchor Direction Constants
constants.AUTOMATIC Tint Mode Constants
constants.BAR_BUTTON_CUSTOM ButtonBarItem Type Constants
constants.BAR_BUTTON_IMAGE ButtonBarItem Type Constants
constants.BAR_BUTTON_SYSTEM_ITEM ButtonBarItem Type Constants
constants.BAR_BUTTON_TITLE ButtonBarItem Type Constants
constants.BAR_ITEM_STYLE_DONE Bar Item Style Constants
constants.BAR_ITEM_STYLE_PLAIN Bar Item Style Constants
constants.BAR_METRICS_COMPACT Bar Metrics Constants
constants.BAR_METRICS_DEFAULT Bar Metrics Constants
constants.BAR_STYLE_BLACK Bar Style Constants
constants.BAR_STYLE_DEFAULT Bar Style Constants
constants.BLUR_EFFECT_DARK Blur Effect Constants
constants.BLUR_EFFECT_EXTRALIGHT Blur Effect Constants
constants.BLUR_EFFECT_LIGHT Blur Effect Constants
constants.BLUR_EFFECT_NONE Blur Effect Constants
constants.BLUR_EFFECT_PROMINENT Blur Effect Constants
constants.BLUR_EFFECT_REGULAR Blur Effect Constants
constants.BREAKPOINT_MAX_VALUE Breakpoint Constant
constants.DIMMED Toast Position Constants
constants.TOAST_LENGTH_LONG Toast Duration Constants
constants.MULTIPLY Toast Position Constants
constants.NORMAL Toast Position Constants
constants.SCREEN Toast Position Constants
constants.TOAST_LENGTH_SHORT Toast Duration Constants
constants.SKIN_IMAGE_SCALE_MODE_DEFAULT Skin Image Scale Mode Constants
constants.SKIN_IMAGE_SCALE_MODE_FILL Skin Image Scale Mode Constants
constants.SKIN_IMAGE_SCALE_MODE_NONE Skin Image Scale Mode Constants
constants.SKIN_IMAGE_SCALE_MODE_UNIFORM Skin Image Scale Mode Constants
constants.SKIN_IMAGE_SCALE_MODE_UNIFORMTOFILL Skin Image Scale Mode Constants
constants.SRC_ATOP Toast Position Constants
constants.SRC_IN Toast Position Constants
constants.SRC_OVER Toast Position Constants
constants.SYSTEM_ITEM_ACTION System Item Constants
constants.SYSTEM_ITEM_ADD System Item Constants
constants.SYSTEM_ITEM_BOOKMARKS System Item Constants
constants.SYSTEM_ITEM_CAMERA System Item Constants
constants.SYSTEM_ITEM_CANCEL System Item Constants
constants.SYSTEM_ITEM_COMPOSE System Item Constants
constants.SYSTEM_ITEM_DONE System Item Constants
constants.SYSTEM_ITEM_EDIT System Item Constants
constants.SYSTEM_ITEM_FAST_FORWARD System Item Constants
constants.SYSTEM_ITEM_FIXED_SPACE System Item Constants
constants.SYSTEM_ITEM_FLEXIBLE_SPACE System Item Constants
constants.SYSTEM_ITEM_ORGANIZE System Item Constants
constants.SYSTEM_ITEM_PAGE_CURL System Item Constants
constants.SYSTEM_ITEM_PAUSE System Item Constants
constants.SYSTEM_ITEM_PLAY System Item Constants
constants.SYSTEM_ITEM_REDO System Item Constants
constants.SYSTEM_ITEM_REFRESH System Item Constants
constants.SYSTEM_ITEM_REPLY System Item Constants
constants.SYSTEM_ITEM_REWIND System Item Constants
constants.SYSTEM_ITEM_SAVE System Item Constants
constants.SYSTEM_ITEM_SEARCH System Item Constants
constants.SYSTEM_ITEM_STOP System Item Constants
constants.SYSTEM_ITEM_TRASH System Item Constants
constants.SYSTEM_ITEM_UNDO System Item Constants
constants.TOAST_POS_BOTTOM_CENTER Toast Position Constants
constants.TOAST_POS_BOTTOM_LEFT Toast Position Constants
constants.TOAST_POS_BOTTOM_RIGHT Toast Position Constants
constants.TOAST_POS_MIDDLE_CENTER Toast Position Constants
constants.TOAST_POS_MIDDLE_LEFT Toast Position Constants
constants.TOAST_POS_MIDDLE_RIGHT Toast Position Constants
constants.TOAST_POS_TOP_CENTER Toast Position Constants
constants.TOAST_POS_TOP_LEFT Toast Position Constants
constants.TOAST_POS_TOP_RIGHT Toast Position Constants

Constants by Functional Area

The constants namespace provides groups of constants that are used by the rest of the Volt MX Iris API framework. The following constants are available, grouped by functional area.

Action Item Style Constants

The constants in this group select the style of an action item, which is used in an Action Sheet.

Constant Description
constants.ACTION_ITEM_STYLE_CANCEL Specifies that the action item is a Cancel button.
constants.ACTION_ITEM_STYLE_DEFAULT The default action item style for the device.
constants.ACTION_ITEM_STYLE_DESTRUCTIVE Specifies that the Action Sheet changes data.

Action Sheet Anchor Direction Constants

These constants specify the anchor direction that is used to attach an Action Sheet to a widget on an iPad.

Constant Description
constants.ANCHOR_DIRECTION_BOTTOM The Action Sheet attaches to the bottom of the widget.
constants.ANCHOR_DIRECTION_LEFT The Action Sheet attaches to the left side of the widget.
constants.ANCHOR_DIRECTION_RIGHT The Action Sheet attaches to the right side of the widget.
constants.ANCHOR_DIRECTION_TOP The Action Sheet attaches to the top of the widget.

ButtonBarItem Type Constants

Specifies the type of the ButtonBarItem to create.

Constant Description
constants.BAR_BUTTON_CUSTOM Create a custom ButtonBarItem.
constants.BAR_BUTTON_IMAGE Create a button with a bitmapped image.
constants.BAR_BUTTON_SYSTEM_ITEM Create a button with a system icon.
constants.BAR_BUTTON_TITLE Create a button with a title.


These constants are passed to the ButtonBarItem constructor to tell it what type of ButtonBarItem to create.


var item = new voltmx.ui.BarButtonItem(
    tintColor: hex color string,   
    style :constants.BAR_ITEM_STYLE_PLAIN,   
    enabled :true,   
    action : funtionObject,   
    metaData:{image:"imagename"}} );

Bar Metrics Constants

The constants in this group select the metrics for a Toolbar widget.

Constant Description
constants.BAR_METRICS_COMPACT Use compact metrics. Supported in landscape orientation only.
constants.BAR_METRICS_DEFAULT Use the default toolbar metrics for the hardware platform. Supported in all orientations.

Bar Style Constants

These constants specify the style of a Toolbar widget.

Constant Description
constants.BAR_STYLE_BLACK Use a black toolbar.
constants.BAR_STYLE_DEFAULT Use the default style for the hardware platform.

Skin Image Scale Mode Constants

The following constants set the skin image scaling mode.

Constant Description
constants.SKIN_IMAGE_SCALE_MODE_DEFAULT Selects the default scaling mode.
constants.SKIN_IMAGE_SCALE_MODE_NONE Uses no scaling. If the image is larger than the control, the widget expands to the size of the image, else, the image occupies its actual height within the control. Example:
constants.SKIN_IMAGE_SCALE_MODE_FILL Sets the image to scale to fill the size of the widget. Its aspect ratio is not preserved. Example:
constants.SKIN_IMAGE_SCALE_MODE_UNIFORM Selects uniform scaling for images. The image is scaled to fill the size of the widget while ensuring it’s aspect ratio is preserved. Example:
constants.SKIN_IMAGE_SCALE_MODE_UNIFORMTOFILL Sets the image to resize to fill the widget dimensions while preserving the native aspect ratio. If the aspect ratio of the widget differs from that of the image, the image is clipped to fit in the destination. Example:

Platform Availability

Available on only Windows.

System Item Constants

Selects the type of BarButtonItem from one of the system-provided items.

Constant Description
constants.SYSTEM_ITEM_ACTION The BarButtonItem is an Action button.
constants.SYSTEM_ITEM_ADD The BarButtonItem is and Add button.
constants.SYSTEM_ITEM_BOOKMARKS The BarButtonItem is a Bookmarks button.
constants.SYSTEM_ITEM_CAMERA The BarButtonItem is a Camera.
constants.SYSTEM_ITEM_CANCEL The BarButtonItem is a Cancel button.
constants.SYSTEM_ITEM_COMPOSE The BarButtonItem is a Compose button.
constants.SYSTEM_ITEM_DONE The BarButtonItem is a Done button.
constants.SYSTEM_ITEM_EDIT The BarButtonItem is an Edit button.
constants.SYSTEM_ITEM_FAST_FORWARD The BarButtonItem is a Fast Forward.
constants.SYSTEM_ITEM_FIXED_SPACE The BarButtonItem is a fixed space.
constants.SYSTEM_ITEM_FLEXIBLE_SPACE The BarButtonItem is a flexible space.
constants.SYSTEM_ITEM_ORGANIZE The BarButtonItem is an Organize button.
constants.SYSTEM_ITEM_PAGE_CURL The BarButtonItem is a Page Curl button.
constants.SYSTEM_ITEM_PAUSE The BarButtonItem is a Pause button.
constants.SYSTEM_ITEM_PLAY The BarButtonItem is a Play button.
constants.SYSTEM_ITEM_REDO The BarButtonItem is a Redo button.
constants.SYSTEM_ITEM_REFRESH The BarButtonItem is a Refresh button.
constants.SYSTEM_ITEM_REPLY The BarButtonItem is a Reply button.
constants.SYSTEM_ITEM_REWIND The BarButtonItem is is a Rewind button.
constants.SYSTEM_ITEM_SAVE The BarButtonItem is a Save button.
constants.SYSTEM_ITEM_SEARCH The BarButtonItem is a Search button.
constants.SYSTEM_ITEM_STOP The BarButtonItem is a Stop button.
constants.SYSTEM_ITEM_TRASH The BarButtonItem is a Trash button.
constants.SYSTEM_ITEM_UNDO The BarButtonItem is an Undo button

Tint Mode Constants

The following constants select the tint mode for images.

Constant Description Availability
constants.AUTOMATIC The tint mode is the same as the tint mode of the parent view. iOS
constants.DIMMED The tint color is a desaturated, dimmed version of the view's tint color. iOS only. iOS
constants.MULTIPLY The tint color is multiplied with the widget color. Android, iOS
constants.NORMAL The tine color is the unmodified tint color of the view. iOS
constants.SCREEN The tint color is calculated by adding the source and destination pixels, then subtracting the source pixels multiplied by the destination. Android, iOS
constants.SRC_ATOP The tint color is calculated by discarding the source pixels that do not cover destination pixels. Draws remaining source pixels over destination pixels. Android, iOS
constants.SRC_IN The tint color is calculated by keeping the source pixels that cover the destination pixels, and discarding the remaining source and destination pixels. Android, iOS
constants.SRC_OVER Draws the source color over the destination color. This is the default mode if none is supplied. Android, iOS, SPA


The iOS-specific tint modes are available only for the Button and Image widgets. When a tint mode is assigned to a set of skins, only one tint mode is applied even if there are other tint modes applied to individual skins in the set.

Platform Availability

Android, iOS, SPA

Toast Duration Constants

The following constants designate the length of time that toasts are displayed on the screen.

Constant Description
constants.TOAST_LENGTH_LONG The app displays the toast for a relatively long period of time.
constants.TOAST_LENGTH_SHORT The app displays the toast for a relatively short period of time.


These constants are defined only in relative terms. The exact length of time is determined by the underlying hardware platform.

Toast Position Constants

The constants in this group set the gravity point or anchor point of a toast.

Constant Description
TOAST_POS_BOTTOM_CENTER Specifies the toast should align at bottom center of the device screen.
TOAST_POS_BOTTOM_LEFT Specifies the toast should align at bottom left of the device screen.
TOAST_POS_BOTTOM_RIGHT Specifies the toast should align at bottom right of the device screen.
TOAST_POS_MIDDLE_CENTER Specifies the toast should align at center of the device screen.
TOAST_POS_MIDDLE_LEFT Specifies the toast should align at middle left of the device screen.
TOAST_POS_MIDDLE_RIGHT Specifies the toast should align at middle right of the device screen.
TOAST_POS_TOP_CENTER Specifies the toast should align at top center of the device screen.
TOAST_POS_TOP_LEFT Specifies the toast should align at top left corner of the device screen.
TOAST_POS_TOP_RIGHT Specifies the toast should align at top right of the device screen.