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The voltmx,io.File namespace provides functions and properties for doing various operations related on files, such as copying them, renaming them , deleting them and so on.


Your app can create a File object to represent files in the device's file system and perform common operations on them. To create a new File object , your app calls the function. Alternatively, it can use the function to get an instance of a File object.

var myfile = new"myfile.txt");
var myfile ="myfile.txt")

File Properties:Name Description
name: [type: String, ReadOnly] Name of the file or directory
fullPath: [type: String, ReadOnly] Full absolute path of the file or directory
parent: [, ReadOnly] Returns the parent directory of this file. This property may return nil or a File object which can neither Readable or Writable, especially in case of Folders which are not accessible by the given Application context
readable: [type: Boolean, ReadOnly] Returns true if this file is readable
writable: [type: Boolean, ReadOnly] Returns true if this file is writable
modificationTime: [type:Number, ReadOnly] Returns the last modification time of the file in UTC
size: [type:Number, ReadOnly Returns the size of a file in number of bytes.