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Uninstalling Volt MX Iris

To uninstall Volt MX Iris, follow these steps:

  1. Use one of the following options to open the Uninstall Volt MX Iris window:

    1. Navigate to the folder where Volt MX Iris is installed. For example, <Install Drive>:\iris_installation. Double-click the Uninstall shortcut.

    2. Navigate to Start > Control Panel > Programs and Features. From the list of programs, select Iris and then click Uninstall.

    The Uninstall Volt MX Iris window appears.

  2. Click Uninstall.

    The Uninstall confirmation window appears.

  3. Click Yes.

    The Uninstall Complete pane appears.

  4. Click Done to close the Uninstall window.

    Note: The uninstaller cannot remove the files or folders that were not installed or copied by the installer. These include files or folders that are created as you use Volt MX Iris (for example, log files). You need to manually delete those files.