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Preview and Collaborate on a Project

The cloud provides an easy way of sharing designs with your stakeholders in a secure environment.

Volt MX Iris provides a couple of different ways of collaborating with your stakeholders:

  • Preview an App on a Device: Using Volt MX App, your stakeholders can view the project as a preview app on their devices, and execute any action events attached to the widgets. They can also add notes to the different forms (i.e. screens) of the app, which you can then view in Volt MX Iris.
  • Preview an App Across Volt MX Iris and Volt MX Iris Classic: By using the commands of the Run menu in Volt MX Iris, you can preview an app and its events regardless of whether it was developed in Volt MX Iris Classic or Volt MX Iris.
  • Share a Project on the Cloud: By publishing your project to the cloud, your stakeholders can download the complete project, make changes, and then upload the modified project back to the cloud.
  • Import a Volt MX Iris Project from a Cloud Account: Once a project is uploaded to the cloud, users can download and view it using the import feature in Volt MX Iris.

Additionally, if you have published an app preview to the cloud, generating a publish code for others to use, you can clear that publish code so that it is no longer applicable to that app preview. For more information, see Clear the Publish Code for a Project's Volt MX Iris.