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Volt MX Iris

Volt MX App

The Volt MX App is the companion mobile app to the Volt MX cloud service. The app enables you to utilize and manage a set of capabilities related to Volt MX Iris and Volt MX Foundry services offered as part of Volt MX.

Not only you but others can also preview the mobile apps built by you while giving the flexibility to update them on the go. You can generate various reports and manage your Volt MX Foundry cloud accounts using the app. It was primarily created to ease the workflow between a designer and a developer but has now evolved into a much more feature rich app that takes care of most of your app development needs including reports and metrics.

The Volt MX App is available for iOS and Android platforms. You can find the application on the App Store and the Google Play Store.


  • You can publish a preview via cloud.
  • You can publish a preview by using local preview via system's IP address/via USB.
  • You can browse and launch HCL Forge applications that interest you in the Volt MX App.
  • You can cache the app and view it even when you're offline.
  • It helps reduce the time required to build and publish your app prototype on a third party IDE.
  • You can save frequently used criteria as favorite to generate a report.
  • You can choose to share reports or use them for personal consumption.
  • You can access multiple Volt MX Foundry cloud accounts.
  • You can invite users and manage user access control to cloud environments.

Basic Features

  • Cloud preview helps you share the application you have built with people using this app without actually having to share the binaries.
  • In the local preview you can make changes to your project and then incrementally build and publish those changes and see them get reflected in the preview on your device.
  • Preview apps in portrait and landscape modes.
  • Share the preview via email.
  • Helps in getting feedback and is good for inviting people to beta-test your app in the confines of the Volt MX App.
  • You can generate Standard and Custom reports.
  • You can save reports by marking them as favorites.