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Administering MongoDB for Component Pack

MongoDB administration tasks include monitoring system health.

Verifying the status of the MongoDB pods

Run the following command to retrieve information on the status of the MongoDB pods:

kubectl get pod -n connections -o wide --selector app=mongo

The response includes the status of each pod:

NAME      READY     STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE       IP            NODE
mongo-0   2/2       Running   0          5m
mongo-1   2/2       Running   0          4m
mongo-2   2/2       Running   0          4m

Verifying the MongoDB database status

The command to determine the MongoDB database status varies depending on whether x.509 authentication is enabled, which you can determine by running the following command:

helm get values infrastructure -a | grep x509Enabled

For example, if x.509 authentication is enabled, the response will be: x509Enabled: true

Then run the appropriate command to retrieve information on the health of the MongoDB database:

  • When x.509 authentication is enabled:

    kubectl exec -it mongo-0 -c mongo -n connections -- mongo --ssl --sslPEMKeyFile /etc/mongodb/x509/user_admin.pem --sslCAFile /etc/mongodb/x509/mongo-CA-cert.crt --host mongo-1.mongo.connections.svc.cluster.local --authenticationMechanism=MONGODB-X509 --authenticationDatabase '$external' -u C=IE,ST=Ireland,L=Dublin,O=IBM,OU=Connections-Middleware-Clients,CN=admin,emailAddress=admin@mongodb --eval "rs.status().members" | grep "id\|name\|health\|stateStr\|ok"
  • When x.509 authentication is disabled:

    kubectl exec -n connections -it mongo-0 -c mongo -- mongo mongo-0.mongo:27017 --eval "rs.status()" | grep "id\|name\|health\|stateStr\|ok"

The response includes the "health" of the database hosted on each pod; the value "1' indicates good health:

    "_id" : 0,
    "name" : "mongo-0.mongo.connections.svc.cluster.local:27017",
    "health" : 1,
    "stateStr" : "PRIMARY",
    "_id" : 1,
    "name" : "mongo-1.mongo.connections.svc.cluster.local:27017",
    "health" : 1,
    "stateStr" : "SECONDARY",
    "_id" : 2,
    "name" : "mongo-2.mongo.connections.svc.cluster.local:27017",
    "health" : 1,
    "stateStr" : "SECONDARY",
"ok" : 1

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