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HCL Domino License Analysis Utility

This utility will assist HCL Domino Administrators in doing a health check based on deployment best practices and determining the Authorized User Count within an HCL Domino environment according to the CCB & CCX license model.

Table of contents
  1. Purpose
  2. Documentation
  3. Compatibilty
  4. Performance & Runtime
  5. Changes


The purpose of this utility is to provide fast and accurate Authorized User counts for HCL Domino environments by aggregating information that a Domino Administrator would otherwise have to collect manually. It automates the process by aggregating all the information that is needed to accurately determine the Authorized User counts in a fraction of the time.


Learn how to use the HCL Domino License Analysis Utility with these topics:


see system requirements

Performance & Runtime

Depending on the number of Person documents within a HCL Domino environment, the entire process can take anywhere from 45 minutes to 4 hours on average.

Person Docs Expected runtime
1.000 45 minutes
5,000 90 minutes
10 k 2 hours
1 Million 15 hours


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Table of contents