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AppPlatform Overview

Learn about HCL Volt MX products, sub-products and their features. Further, learn how these products interact to provide developers with a comprehensive solution to develop omni-channel digital apps.

App User Interface

Learn about the various parts that come together to help design the user-facing interface of your application

Widgets and API reference

Learn about various widgets and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to better understand which will work best for the solution you are working on.

Micro Apps

Large applications can now be modularized into smaller applications using the Micro apps architecture.

Data and Backend Integration

Learn how your app connects to and works with the various backends where your data may be stored/streamed from.

Web App Development

Learn how to design, develop, test, debug and deploy web-based applications, alongside some samples that may be handy in understanding how they work.

Build and Publish

Learn how to generate functional binaries or previews from your projects, and how to deploy/publish them and debug the functionality as needed.