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AppFactory Overview

Learn about various features of the Volt MX AppFactory Continuous Delivery platform and the Volt MX AppFactory Continuous Delivery run time.

AppFactory: Volt MX Foundry App

Learn how to leverage Volt MX AppFactory for developing Volt MX Foundry services and publishing it to Volt MX Cloud.

AppFactory: Volt MX Iris App

Identify the steps to use Volt MX AppFactory while executing a Iris app throughout the CI/CD process - from building an app, publishing, and testing the app automatically.

Work with AppFactory

Find out about the Volt MX App Factory CI (Continuous Integration) and/or (Continuous Deliver) services, which you can use to deliver the apps successfully. Configure your AppFactory app for iOS and Android, build and deploy your first app, and test the app on your target devices by using the Volt MX AppFactory Testing Services.

Schedulers Support for Volt MX AppFactory Foundry App Configurations

Schedule Foundry Import, Export, and Migrate jobs for Volt MX Foundry app configurations. In the AppFactory project, you can also create triggers for Iris and Foundry projects.

Integration with SonarQube

Learn to integrate your projects with the SonarQube server to run quality analysis on the codebase of your Iris projects.

AppFactory: Build Java Dependencies

Learn to import, build, and export Java assets of your Volt MX Foundry applications. You can compile, bundle, and deploy any version of a Foundry app and the associated custom Java code from the source control.