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Volt MX Application Design and Development Guidelines: Preface


Designing a mobile application is more than putting various elements together to achieve the required functionality. Aspects like functionality, design, and performance are considered while creating an application. This document covers user interface, coding, pre/post processors, URL provider guidelines, performance management, memory management, device-side security guidelines, Coding standards, Basics of JavaScript, Flex Layout Guidelines and Platform specific limitations.


This document describes what goes into application design and also emphasizes on the importance of aesthetics, design and development visualization. This document does not talk about how to implement individual controls to achieve a specific purpose.

Intended Audience

This document is intended for developers involved in designing and developing a mobile application. This document helps developers build applications that match the native look of the underlying platform with an enhanced performance.

Formatting conventions used in this guide

Following are the formatting conventions used throughout the document:

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Conventions Explanation
Monospace User input text, system prompts, and responses File path Commands Program code File names
Italic Emphasis Names of books and documents New terminology
Bold Windows Menus Buttons Icons Fields Tabs Folders
URL Active link to a URL.
Note Provides helpful hints or additional information.
Important Highlights actions or information that might cause problems to systems or data.

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