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Supported Platforms and Devices

The following are the supported platforms for wearable using Volt MX Iris:

Platform Version
iOS 9.0 and above Xcode 7.0 and above
Android 4.4W (API 20) and above*

* Notifications only.



The next few sections present overviews about how to develop applications for the Apple Watch and receive notifications on Android Wear. These overviews discuss the details of the Wearables application architecture, working with Xcode, creating a watch user interface (UI) for Apple Watch, setting up notifications on Android Wear, and designing a sample app.

To create a Wearables app:

  • You must install Volt MX Iris 9.2 to build a watch app using Volt MX Iris.
  • You need to access Volt MX Foundry Messaging to test notifications.
  • It is a good idea to have the target hardware (an Apple Watch or an Android Wear device) for development and testing.

Apple Watch Prerequisites

The following describes the supported functionality and limitations of the wearable in Volt MX Iris:

  • You can create your user interface and write your business logic in Volt MX Iris for Apple Watch apps.
  • When developing an Apple Watch app, you can add forms and apply templates in your app.
  • Your Apple Watch app can use notifications, glances, and actions.
  • Apple Watch apps can also apply skins, just as you would with any app you develop in Iris.
  • Only the iOS platform supports background and foreground modes.
  • On iOS, invoking the functions voltmx.notificationsettings.createAction and voltmx.notificationsettings.createCategory multiple times will not overwrite the existing actions and categories.
  • On iOS, invoking the functions voltmx.notificationsettings.registerCategory will remove the earlier registered categories.

Android Wear Prerequsites