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Live Tiles API

Live Tiles enable you to represent an application as a tile on the home screen of your device. You can launch an application using a Live Tile. Besides the primary live tiles, you can also create a secondary live tile to pin specific content of an app and deep-link to specific page of the app.

Using the Live Tiles API, you can configure the primary and secondary tiles for an application. The Live Tiles API uses voltmx.application Namespace and the following API elements.

Function Description
voltmx.application.setAppTile Sets the data for an application tile. If the user chooses to pin the application tile, the data set is visible.
voltmx.application.setSecondaryTile Enables you to create or update data for a secondary tile for an application.
voltmx.application.removeSecondaryTile Enables you to remove and unpin a specified secondary tile which was created earlier.

Set the data for a primary app tile by using the voltmx.application.setAppTile function. To pin a frequently used area of an application, create a secondary app tile by using the voltmx.application.setSecondaryTile function. If you want to remove and unpin a secondary application tile, use the voltmx.application.removeSecondaryTile function.