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Threading API

Threading is a process where multiple threads run at the same time to increase the efficiency of the processor. Using the Threading API, you can run a main thread and a worker thread simultaneously in your JavaScript application.

The Threading API uses voltmx Namespace and the following API elements.

Function Description
voltmx.runOnMainThread Helps you run the JavaScript code on the main thread. It is an asynchronous API. It posts a message to the main thread to invoke a function f with parameters arguments.
voltmx.runOnWorkerThread Provides apps with multithreading capabilities.

Create a Main thread or a UI thread using thevoltmx.runOnMainThread function to run all the operations that involve interaction with the UI. The Worker thread can be created using the voltmx.runOnWorkerThread function to run all the background tasks in parallel with the main thread. For example, Garbage collection thread is a worker thread that runs in the background to clear all the unused data in an application.

Guidelines for using Threading API

To use Threading APIs in Volt MX Iris, follow the guidelines:

  • Threading APIs natively support multi-threading environment.
  • An application can be composed of multiple concurrent threads.
  • The UI or main thread is responsible for dispatching events to the user interface widgets and drawing the elements of the UI.
  • Do not block the UI thread. Performing long operations, like network access or database queries on the UI thread, will block the user interface.
  • Do not access the UI components from outside the UI thread. 
  • JavaScript Thread:

    • Application logic written in JavaScript that does not require UI update executes in a different thread than the Main or UI thread.
    • Operations that update the UI are posted on to the Main or UI thread.
    • Use the API voltmx.runOnMainThread(function, args) to execute JavaScript bindings and JavaScript logic on UI Thread.