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Native Function API Developer's Guide:Native Function APIs for Android > Android Examples > Near Field Communication

Near Field Communication

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a technology that enables communication between smartphones and other devices up to a distance of 4cm. The connection between NFC devices happens within a tenth of a second. NFC-supported devices are indicated with NFC Tags or tickets.

The Android API supports Near Field Communication, and the Volt MX Iris Native Function API allows you to import and use Android APIs.

Enable this API from Project properties before using.

Important: This API is available on Android platform only.

Some uses of this technology are:

  • You can make payments with your smartphones without using any credit card or cash.
  • You can buy tickets.
  • You can share files, photos, or videos.

The data is stored in tags in a standard format. You can also store data in different formats. For more information on NFC, click here.

Sample Application

Click here to download a sample application for Near Field Communication.