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Native Function API Developer's Guide:Native Function APIs for Android > Android Examples > Speech

Speech (Pre-Packaged API)

The Speech API on the Android platform helps integrate speech input/output capabilities into your application. When you speak into your device, your words are converted into text. Using this API, you can add voice navigation, fill in a form with voice input, and so on. For more information, click here.

The Volt MX Iris Native Function API allows you to import and use Android APIs, including the Speech API.

Enable this API from Project properties before using.

Important: This API is available on Android platform only.

The Text-to-speech library allows you to create applications that can convert text into speech. It can be tailored to different languages and locales, allowing you to create an experience that is targeted to your application users. Using this API, you can enable your phone to read pages of text out loud. You can also change the pitch and speech rate. For more information, click here.

Sample Application

Click here to download a sample Volt MX app for Speech.