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Post Installation Tasks

Launching Volt MX Iris

To launch Volt MX Iris, follow these steps:

  1. Double-click the Iris shortcut on the desktop to open the login screen of Iris.

    Note: You can also navigate to the folder where Iris is installed and double-click Iris to launch it.

  2. On launching Iris, the Volt MX Cloud Login screen appears for license validation.

  3. Enter your Volt MX Cloud credentials and click Login.
    Iris validates the license associated with your Volt MX account.

  4. The Hikes screen appears. The Hikes screen displays links to different Hikes available in Volt MX Iris. You can go through these hikes to understand various features of Volt MX .

  1. A Sample application loads in the application canvas.

  2. Click Project > New Project to create a new Iris project.

For details on how to uninstall the Volt MX Iris application from your system, refer Uninstall Volt MX Iris.