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Hardware and Software Requirements

In this document, we will walk you through the hardware and software requirements for the following:

Requirements to Install Volt MX Iris

The hardware and software requirements to install Volt MX Iris vary based on the operating system.

General Prerequisites

  • Administrative rights on your computer to install Volt MX Iris.

  • For Mac, in the Security & Privacy > General settings, ensure that Select Anywhere option is selected.

  • The available space in the system should be at least three times the size of the installer.

  • The Iris installer requires HTTP (direct or proxy) access during the execution of the installation process.

Volt MX Iris

The hardware and software requirements to install Volt MX Iris vary depending upon your operating system. To learn about the hardware and software requirements for each platform, refer:

Additional Requirements for Building Apps

Depending upon the platform you are developing your apps, requirements vary. Detailed information on how to meet these requirements is provided in the procedures for installing each platform's respective software development kit (SDK) and emulator here.


  • You need a Mac OS computer to develop iOS applications
  • Latest version of Xcode (the Apple SDK for creating iOS apps)
  • An iOS device. To test features such as Camera, Push Notifications, and accelerometer, you need an iOS device.


  • Latest version of JDK

  • Ensure that the default JDK install location is :\VoltMXIrisEnterprise8.x.x\Java\jdk

  • Android SDK

  • Apache Ant (Another Neat Tool) - An open-source tool that automates aspects of the Android build process
  • Gradle - An advanced build toolkit that manages dependencies and allows you to define custom build logic


Windows Desktop

  • .Net framework 2.0 & 3.5 - For the Build Release mode

  • .Net framework 2.0 & 3.5 4.6.1 - Required if you are using Offline Objects feature for both Debug and Release modes

Windows 10 / Windows 10 Mobile

To learn about the requirements for developing apps for Windows 10/ Windows 10 mobile devices, refer to Build Applications For Windows10.