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Build and Publish

Hot Reload in Live Preview

Learn to use the Hot Reload feature to instantly view modifications made to the Form or FormControllers while using the Live Preview option.

Volt MX Test Framework

Learn to use the Volt MX Test Framework to record activity on an application, generate and edit test scripts, and execute test plans.

Build & Generate Native Apps

Learn about the various methods of building and viewing your app using Volt MX Iris.

Build Native Apps Locally

Learn about generating a native binary for an app and how to run it locally on a device.

Publish Apps to Enterprise App Store

As a Volt MX Cloud user, leverage an Enterprise App Store to securely distribute your apps within an Enterprise. Access Volt MX apps, which are published from Volt MX Iris and Volt MX Foundry, directly from the Enterprise App Store.

KSLint Support

Learn to configure default rules or add new custom rules in KSLint, to identify code errors and deviations.

Using Emulators

Get acquainted with the installation and configuration process of the software development kits (SDKs) and emulators for the platforms on which you want to run your Volt MX Iris app.

Debug apps on the Volt MX App

Learn to view the debug logs of a child application that is previewed in the Volt MX app. You can also copy, download, share, and clear the logs.

Debug Native Apps

Debug native applications that are running remotely on the network as well as the applications running locally on your workstation.

Debug Web Apps

Use the in-app debugger to detect and diagnose errors in web applications. Adaptive Web apps can be debugged within the Iris Preview window by using the latest Iris debugger.

Headless Build

Learn how to perform a headless build, which enables you to build and publish apps without launching the Eclipse environment that hosts Volt MX Iris.