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voltmx.wearable Namespace Constants

Callback Result Constants

Your app receives the following values in the parameters of callback functions to inform it of the status of operations.

Constant Description
voltmx.wearable.RESULT_ERROR_API_NOT_AVAILABLE The Android Wear app is not installed on the paired device.
voltmx.wearable.RESULT_ERROR_CAUSE_NETWORK_LOST The connection to the network has been lost.
voltmx.wearable.RESULT_ERROR_CAUSE_SERVICE_DISCONNECTED The Google Play service is disconnected.
voltmx.wearable.RESULT_ERROR_INTERNAL_ERROR Some kind of internal error occurred. Retry the operation.
voltmx.wearable.RESULT_ERROR_INVALID_TARGET_NODE The target node is not a valid node on the network.
voltmx.wearable.RESULT_ERROR_NETWORK_ERROR A network error occurred. The operation could not be completed.
voltmx.wearable.RESULT_ERROR_PAYLOAD_TOO_LARGE Too much data is being transmitted at once. It must be moved in smaller pieces.
voltmx.wearable.RESULT_ERROR_SERVICE_DISABLED Google Play services have been disabled on this device.
voltmx.wearable.RESULT_ERROR_SERVICE_INVALID Google Play services are installed on this devices but they are not authentic.
voltmx.wearable.RESULT_ERROR_SERVICE_MISSING Google Play services have not been installed on this device.
voltmx.wearable.RESULT_ERROR_SERVICE_UPDATING Google Play services are inaccessible because they are currently being updated on this device.
voltmx.wearable.RESULT_ERROR_SERVICE_VERSION_UPDATE_REQUIRED Google Play services must be updated before they can be used by this app.
voltmx.wearable.RESULT_ERROR_TARGET_NODE_NOT_CONNECTED The target node is not connected to the network.
voltmx.wearable.RESULT_ERROR_UNKNOWN An unknown error has occurred.
voltmx.wearable.RESULT_SUCCESS The operation completed successfully.


These constants are status codes that your app receives in the parameters of callback functions. The callback functions are passed to API functions in the voltmx.wearable namespaace. When the API function completes or encounters an error, the callback function is automatically invoked and passed a value From the Callback Result Constants.

Platform Availability

Android Wear 2.0 or later