Domino Container Components

Main start point for building docker images. You can specify the image to build including additional build options and add-on software.

./ domino

Refer to the command line documentation invoking the script with -h to get the full list of options.
Invoking the build script without parameters brings up a new menu to select which add-ons to install.

The file software.txt contains an up to date list of current HCL Domino related software. Unless you specify a distinct version the current version will be installed and tagged as “latest”.

Inside this script you can configure a remote download HTTP(S) target if you are hosting the downloaded software on a different machine. You can also specify a download directory on your Docker host which will be served by a temporary Docker container running a NGINX container to provide the software.

The following three options are available

  1. Remote Download specified with example: DOWNLOAD_FROM=
  2. Local directory specified with example: SOFTWARE_DIR=/local/software hosted via NGINX container
  3. Standard location in the software sub-directory hosted via NGINX server in temporary container

Before you start you have to download the required software packages.

Directory “software”

This directory is the default directory to provide Domino software, which are downloaded by the Docker installation script. The build script checks if your selected software is available on the defined software location and will prompt you which package to download if missing.


This file contains information about the download you have to download depending on what you install. This file is used to find the right file to download by product and version. And is also used to verify the downloaded image via SHA256 hash.

The format of the file is as follows:





Contains one line per product to define the latest software verison

Directory “dockerfiles”

Contains a sub-directory for each product that can be installed.

  • install_dir_domino contains all files needed to install a HCL Domino server.
  • install_dir_common contains common components used by other container images like Traveler.

Those files are copied to /tmp/install_dir during install process and are invoked by the build process.


Main dockerfile used to build Domino. All customization and logic is either in the script or in the installer script. Each add-on product has it’s own file. Example: dockerfile_traveler.

Contains the install logic and performs the actual install of all components after downloading the software.

  • Located in / owned by root
  • Main entry point started when the container is started
  • Contains the logic to start and stop the server.
  • Contains the logic triggered at first server start to invoke the configuration of the server.

  • Located in /domino-container/scripts owned by root
  • Invoked by script to check which additional configuration is needed before the server is started for the first time

  • Located in /domino-container/scripts owned by root
  • Invoked by script to check if templates and other files have been updated by an image update

  • Located in / owned by root
  • Used to check the server health to update the status of the running container
  • Current implementation just checks if the server process is running ( for Traveler if the traveler process is running)
  • Can be customized for individual requirements. But usually server availability can be checked outside the server.


Nash!Com Domino start and management script which supports Docker and contains an installation routine which is Docker aware

Digram of all directories and components

domino_container script diagram