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Supported Environments

The following environments have been tested and are the main environments the project works with. Other Kubernetes based environments might work as well. Please provide feedback if you are running in other environments. But be aware that we cannot look into all distributions and run-time environments.

Supported run-time environments

  • Docker CE 20.10+ on Linux/Docker Desktop on Mac, Docker Desktop on Windows (Optional with Docker Compose V1.26+)

  • Podman 3.3.0+ *)

  • Kubernetes (K8s) v1.20+

  • RedHat OpenShift 4.x+

*) Note: If Podman and Docker are installed on the same machine, Podman is used by default. You can switch manually from Podman to Docker for the build and run-time environment using CONTAINER_CMD=docker either in the configuration or exporting an environment variable in your shell.

Supported build environments

  • Docker CE 20.10 and higher on Linux
  • Docker Desktop on Mac
  • Docker Desktop on Windows building with a WSL2 sub-system
  • Podman 3.3.0+ on Linux *)
  • Rancher Desktop 1.5+ with Docker back-end

*) Same Podman / Docker note applies

Supported base images

  • RedHat Universal Base Image (UBI) 8.6 + 9.x
  • CentOS Stream 8.x + 9.x
  • RockyLinux 8.x + 9.x
  • AlmaLinux 8.x
  • VMware PhotonOS 4
  • SUSE Leap 15.3+
  • SUSE Enterprise 15.3+
  • Oracle Linux 8
  • Amazon Linux

Experimental base images

  • Ubuntu 22.x
  • Debian 11.x

Docker CE and Podman are available in most distributions. Some distributions come with Docker CE or Podman included. Before you install Docker CE or Podman, please check if your platform provides the required version.

  • RHEL 8 / CentOS Stream 8+ ship with a current version of Podman
  • SUSE SLES / Leap 15.3+ a shipps with a current Docker version
  • If your platform does not come with a current Docker version there is an official Docker Linux setup documentation

Build and run-time environments

  • RHEL/CentOS Stream 8/9 with Docker 20.x or Podman 3.3.0+
  • SUSE SLES / Leap 15.3+ with Docker 20.x or Podman 3.3.0+
  • Current Rancher Desktop (Docker environment)
  • Current version of Docker Desktop with WSL2 sub-system to build the image
  • Current version of Docker Desktop on Mac

Run-time environments

  • Current version of Docker Desktop on Windows
  • k3s Rancher
  • Current Rancher Desktop
  • Current version of Kubernetes
  • Current versions of OpenShift

Tested base images

The following Linux base images have been tested.
Current default base image is CentOS Stream 8.
Resulting image size differs by base image.
The smalles base images are based on PhotonOS

Many base images use a kernel 5.x already.
The 5.x kernel is officially supported starting with Domino 12.0.2. Ensure the base operating systems is also running a comparable 5.x kernel.

Short names below can be used with the -from=image option.
For example build based on Redhat UBI : ./ domino -from=ubi

Note: When not specifying a major version, the major version default could change and result in a newer major kernel version!

Short Name Name Image Name Kernel Ver
ubi RedHat UBI default depends
rocky Rocky Linux default rockylinux/rockylinux depends
leap SUSE Leap default opensuse/leap depends
alma Alma Linux default almalinux/almalinux 4.x
ubi8 RedHat UBI 8 4.x
centos8 CentOS Stream 8 4.x
rocky8 Rocky Linux 8 rockylinux/rockylinux:8 4.x
alma8 Alma Linux 8 almalinux/almalinux:8 4.x
amazon Amazon Linux amazonlinux 4.x
oracle Oracle Linux 8 oraclelinux:8 4.x
ubi9 RedHat UBI 9 4.x
centos9 CentOS Stream 9 5.x
rocky9 Rocky Linux 9 rockylinux/rockylinux:9 5.x
leap15.3 SUSE Leap 15.3 opensuse/leap:15.3 5.x
leap15.4 SUSE Leap 15.4 opensuse/leap:15.4 5.x
bci SUSE Enterprise default 5.x
bci15.3 SUSE Enterprise 15.3 5.x
bci15.4 SUSE Enterprise 15.4 5.x
photon VMware Photon OS 4.0 photon 5.x