Install Docker on Linux

Docker installations depend on the platform your are running.

Some platforms like Redhat have moved to Podman as their primary container build and run-time environment.
The Domino Container project works with both platforms and auto detects, which container run-time is installed.

Some platforms still have up to date Docker versions in their software repositories.

The (Docker installation page)[] lists how to install the Docker server on most popular distributions.

Docker provides a script to install Docker on Linux with one command. The following command, downloads the script and runs it in a bash.

curl -sfL | bash -

On SUSE SLES and Leap you can use zypper install docker to install Docker. On Ubuntu after updating to a current version apt install installs a current Docker server.

Check the Docker Client and Server Version

Once installed, check the server and client version running.

docker version

Next Steps

This completes the setup for your Docker environment.

Contine with Quickstart to build and run your first container.