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Kony Quantum is now HCL Volt MX. See Revised Terminology. Current Quantum users, see the important note about API naming.

2 Way SMS Quick Start Guide: Introduction to Engagement Services 2-Way SMS

Volt MX Foundry Engagement Services - 2 Way SMS QuickStart Guide

Volt MX Foundry is a back-end service provider that helps developers build omni-channel digital applications. Volt MX Foundry allows you to define the back-end to build native mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows and also SPAs and Responsive web apps for browsers. Volt MX Foundry ensures that developers build mobile applications quickly and obtain secured back-end services instantly. Volt MX Foundry has multiple features, such as - Identity, Integration, Objects, Orchestration, and Engagement Services. These features can be accessed through a common, centralized Volt MX Foundry Console.

Volt MX Foundry Engagement Services provides generic notification service that allows you to send push notifications, email, SMS and passes to mobile devices running on different platforms (for example, iPhone, Android, and Windows).

This QuickStart guide explains how to set up Volt MX Foundry Engagement Services to send 2-way SMS to an application on a user’s device. The installed application will subscribe to the Volt MX Engagement server instance and will receive 2-way SMS notifications.