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User Guide: Known Issues - EAS

Known Issues - Enterprise App Store

  • Browser based logout is not working from the Help section in iPhone.

  • If you build your EAS native client app by using Iris version in between 8.4.28 and 8.4.50 and Foundry on-premises, the app will get stuck in the splash screen when you launch it.

    In this case please configure your project using the following steps:

    1. Ensure that you imported the Store project in Iris.
    2. Navigate to Project > Reference Architecure Extentions.
    3. Go to the ConfigManager > BusinessControllers > BusinessController.
    4. In the list of configurable parameters inside the configManager() file, add the snippet: this.serviceUrl ="SERVICE_URL_OF_YOUR_ENVIRONMENT";
    5. Scroll down in the same file and search for "serviceUrl" : appConfig.serviceUrl in the getAppProperties method.
    6. Replace the code with "serviceUrl" :this.serviceUrl.
    7. Rebuild the app.

      Important: You must configure the "serviceUrl" whenever you switch from one environment to the other, follow the steps mentioned in this section.