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User Guide: Limitations


  • Volt MX Foundry Engagement is not supported for the BlackBerry platform.
  • PhoneGap with Windows is not supported.

  • A service parameter value should be enclosed in double quotation marks (“”) if the value is a string.

VoltMX Foundry app name should not be same as of Volt MX Iris app

  • Issue

    An app, with Web client name and other services, is created with the same name in Volt MX Foundry and Volt MX Iris and the app is published from Volt MX Iris. When you publish the same app from Volt MX Foundry, the services from Volt MX Foundry will be overridden or deleted.


    Ensure that the Web client name and service name should not be the same. While creating apps in Volt MX Foundry and Volt MX Iris, use different names for Web client name and service name.