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User Guide: Preface


Volt MX Foundry is a Mobile Back-end as a Service (MBaaS) provider that helps developers build native and web apps for mobile. Various back-end services are easily integrated with the application irrespective of whether the application is built using JavaScript, PhoneGap, iOS, or Android frameworks.

VoltMXFoundry allows you to define the back-end to build native mobile apps for iOS, Android, and HTML5-based apps for modern browsers. Volt MX Foundry ensures that developers build mobile applications quickly by focusing on core areas and obtaining secured back-end services instantly. Volt MX Foundry has multiple features that can be used - Identity, Integration, Orchestration, Objects, Logic, and Engagement Services. These features can be accessed through a common, centralized console.

For successful authentication with users, and to access the centralized features of Volt MX Foundry, HCL recommends that you install the following Volt MX Foundry features:

  • Volt MX Foundry Identity and Console
  • API Developer Portal
  • Volt MX Foundry Integration
  • Volt MX Foundry Engagement Services

Volt MX Foundry supports the following back-end services for your applications:

  • Identity: This feature allows you to define the type of authentication used for granting access to your application. Volt MX Foundry supports the following authentication services:

  • Enterprise Identity: Microsoft Active Directory, Open LDAP, Salesforce, Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML), SAP Gateway, OAuth 2.0, Okta, Custom, and OAuth Provider.

  • Social Identity: Google, Instagram, Microsoft, BOX, Facebook, LinkedIn, Amazon, and Yahoo.

  • API Developer Portal: This feature allows you to directly access your Volt MX Developer Portal in Volt MX Foundry Console.

  • Integration: This feature allows you to define various back-end services for your application. You can define the following integration services:
  • Technology Adapters: XML, SOAP, JSON, Java, JavaScript, and APIProxy.
  • Business Adapters: SAP Gateway, MuleSoft, AWSAPIGateway, Relational Database, MongoDB, RAML, OpenAPI (Swagger), Salesforce, and IBM MQ.
  • Orchestration: Service orchestration is the coordination or integration of several services and exposing them as a single service. This feature allows you to create two types of orchestration services. They are:
  • Composite: Allows you to run two or more services concurrently or sequentially.
  • Looping: Allows you to run a single service in a loop until the loop ends or an exit criteria is met.
  • Objects: Allows you to create app models for LOB objects, storage objects, and Service-Driven Objects.
  • Offline sync: This feature allows you to define the synchronization services for your application. Sync supports only Web Services, except SAP Sky.
  • Logic: The logic services feature in Volt MX Foundry helps you import and integrate Node.js services (APIs) directly into Volt MX Foundry for developing server-side and networking applications.
  • Engagement: This feature allows you to send push notifications, email, SMS and passes to subscribed applications.

Note: For more details, take a look at our hands-on tutorial for An Overview of Volt MX Foundry and Cloud.

Product Compatibility Chart

Volt MX Foundry and Iris both support each other for the current release version and one previous version.

Product Version Compatible With
Volt MX Foundry N (For example V8) Iris N (For example V8) Iris N-1 (For example, V8 and 7.3)
Iris N (For example V8) Volt MX Foundry N (For example V8) Volt MX Foundry N-1 (For example, V8 and 7.3)


The document helps you familiarize with the Volt MX Foundry and provide procedural information to perform various tasks required to build your application.

Intended Audience

This document is intended for developers who would like to turn their applications into enterprise-grade applications using Volt MX back-end services.

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Document Purpose
Volt MX Foundry Installation Guide Windows This document explains how to install Volt MX Foundry and additional software on your Windows computer.
Volt MX Foundry Installation Guide Linux This document explains how to install Volt MX Foundry and additional software on your Linux.

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