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For Mobile Web Applications

Volt MX Application Design and Development Guidelines: Application Design Guidelines > UI Guidelines > Guidelines for Fonts > For Rich Client Applications

Guidelines for Fonts

Fonts (size or type) should be consistent across the screens and as per client requirements.

Guidelines for Configuring Fonts for Rich Client Applications

Platform Font Family
iOS Helvetica
Android Roboto
BlackBerry BBAlpha Sans font
Windows Segoe

Note: The table above lists the recommended fonts when not specified in the style guide. This recommendation depends on the version of platform being used.

Guidelines for Configuring Fonts for Mobile Web Applications

Mobile Web Category Font Sizes (in Pixels)
Form Factor (240) Form Factor (320) Form Factor (480)
--- --- ---
iOS NA 15 NA
Android 12 15 18
BlackBerry 6.0 and above NA 15 NA
Palm 12 15 18

Note: This guideline is applicable only if we assume that the font family is Arial. Also, these are base font sizes (in pixels) are equivalent to 100%.