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Volt MX Application Design and Development Guidelines: Application Design Guidelines > UI Guidelines > Create a Progress Indicator

Guidelines for Progress Indicators (Rich Clients)

Following are the guidelines for progress indicators(Rich clients):

  • It is recommended to use progress indicators to indicate to the user that a long running activity is in progress.
  • If you do not use the progress indicators, it may lead to a bad user experience as the user may try to access other widgets or perform other actions on a form.
  • Below are few scenarios in which a progress indicator is a must.

  • Fetching data from a network call.

  • Rendering data on a Segmented UI.
  • Any “time consuming” activity.
  • Make sure to dismiss the created progress indicator.

  • We can design a form with static content on it and use it as an alternative for progress indicators as per the use case.

  • Use BlockedUI for Mobile Web.
  • Use Block UI whenever there is a use case to block the user interaction while a background activity is in progress, ex: a payments / transfers service call, login / logout service call etc.
  • Block UI should get activated whenever the data starts Loading / Service gets invoked. (i.e. when you select an option in a screen, application starts loading the data, here the Block UI should get activated in that screen so that user should not be able to access other options in the screen).

Create a Progress Indicator

  • Use the below API to create a progress indicator.

    • window.showloadingscreen.
  • Use the below API to dismiss a progress indicator.

    • window.dismissloadingscreen.

Create a Blocking Indicator

Progress Indicator / Blocking UI Examples