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Support for Multi-Factor Authentication from MFCLI

User Guide: VoltMX Foundry Command Line Utility - Continuous Integration > Support for Multi-Factor Authentication from MFCLI

Support for Multi-Factor Authentication from MFCLI

The Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) feature helps you activate a user account for an added security authentication on Cloud. If you activate MFA for your account, and you use MFCLI, you must provide additional details such as a secret key along with other attributes.

How to Enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

To run MFCLI in MFA mode, you need to pass the --mfa argument. If MFA is enabled, you must also provide the secret key for multi-factor authentication, which is required to generate one time password (OTP). You must supply the secret key through a property file.

How to configure a secret key in a .properties file

You need to provide the secret key value for the mfa.secret.key in a .properties file, for example,

 mfa.secret.key = jrlr dm5t vlze clew b64f cptg fwhs d6f2

For more details on secret key for MFA, refer to How to Generate a Secret Key.

How to invoke MFCLI in MFA mode

To invoke MFCLI in MFA mode, pass the command as follows:

 java \-DVOLTMX_MFCLI_PROPERTIES_FILE\=\ -jar mfcli.jar <command> \--mfa .........

How to Generate a Secret Key

To generate a secret key, follow these steps:

  1. Click Profile in the user account drop-down menu.

  2. Click the Security tab.

    Important: The Secret key can only be obtained during registration. If a user is already registered, deactivate the user and then activate the user again to get the secret key.

  3. Click ACTIVATE MFA.

  4. In the Activate MFA dialog, do the following:

    1. Enter the phone number.
    2. Enter the secondary email and click Send Link. An email from Volt MX Accounts is sent to your registered secondary email ID. The email contains a security code. Also, the Enter Validation Code field is enabled under the Secondary Email ID field.
    3. In the Enter Validation Code, enter the security code and validate the code by clicking the Verify button.

    4. Once the code is verified, click NEXT.

    5. Expand the Manual Configuration, and then copy the secret key.

    6. Update the secret key in the file.

      You must supply the file as -d parameter for MFCLI.

  5. Click ACTIVATE.